1 Month – “NERO”


This is a simple, virtual product.



Features :

    Fast activation: Customers will be able to activate and start using the product quickly and easily.

    +16000 CHANNELS: The product offers a wide variety of channels for customers to choose from, with over 16,000 options.

    +60000 VODS: The product also includes a large selection of video on demand (VOD) content, with over 60,000 options.

    Worldwide coverage: The product is available to customers worldwide, providing access to channels and VODs from around the globe.

    HD/FHD/4K: The product offers high-definition, full high-definition, and 4K quality options for customers to choose from.

    100% UPTIME: The product is designed to be available and accessible to customers at all times, with 100% uptime.

    Regular updates: The product is regularly updated to ensure that customers have access to the latest channels and VODs.

    Customizable playlist: Customers can create and customize their own playlists to easily access their favorite channels and VODs.

    Fast & Stable: The product is designed to provide fast and stable streaming for customers, with minimal buffering or lag.

    Anti-Freeze Technology: The product includes anti-freeze technology to prevent freezing or crashing during streaming.

    1 single connection: Customers can access the product with a single connection, allowing for easy and convenient use.

    24/7 Free support: The product includes 24/7 free support for customers, providing assistance and troubleshooting as needed.


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